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Documents to verify a business physical address

Any document that is used to validate a physical business address must reflect the name of the business and the physical address of the business (legal property descriptions are also acceptable - e.g. erf 1 Johannesburg).

 Acceptable documents:

  • Utilities account, e.g. rates, taxes water, electricity, etc.
  • Any government issued document: e.g. court order, subpoena, traffic fine, etc. or documentation relating to UIF and/or pension payouts, etc.
  • Bank statement issued by your bank.
  • Correspondence from a Body Corporate / Share Block Association.
  • Documentation from an insurance or assurance company.
  • Investment statement from an Investment Provider.
  • Mortgage statement from a mortgage lender.
  • Rental / lease agreement.
  • SARS document which includes: a document produced by SARS or a document to be used for tax purposes, e.g. IT12S, IRP5, IT3b, etc.
  • Telephone account, e.g. Telkom, Vodacom, etc
  • Television license documentation.
  • A letter from a municipal representative (e.g. ward councilor), on the municipality's letterhead, confirming that the business is permitted to operate on land managed/serviced by that municipality, bearing the stamp of the relevant municipal authority.

 Unacceptable documents:

  • Once-off invoices, i.e. Doctors accounts or invoices from plumbers.
  • Company registration documents.
  • Proof of address sent to a PO Box address.
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