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How do I use the Bitcoin payment link/button?

PayFast Bitcoin uses the “BIP70 Payment Protocol” to ensure that the Bitcoin payment process is more reliable and reduces the chance of failed transactions.

Not all Bitcoin wallets are compatible with the Payment Protocol. If your wallet does not support the Payment Protocol, you will have to switch to another wallet if you want to pay using Bitcoin through PayFast.

Here are some wallets that are compatible with the Payment Protocol:

Once you have setup a compatible wallet, you can pay by scanning the Bitcoin QR code displayed on the checkout screen in your wallet app. Alternatively, if you are using a mobile browser, you can click the Bitcoin payment link, which will automatically open your wallet app.

The Bitcoin amount and destination address will automatically be fetched by your wallet app - you do not need to type in or copy these. You just need to confirm the transaction to pay.

You will need to choose a sufficiently high network fee for fast confirmation, otherwise your payment may be rejected.

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