How do I make an Instant EFT payment?
Posted by zz Jessica R on 18 Sep 2015 13:41
  1. When you come through to the PayFast payment page, select Instant EFT and then select the bank which you bank with.
  2. The next page will give you a link to launch your Internet Banking.
  3. Click this link and then click "Continue".
  4. You will now be displayed the banking details for the bank that you need to make the payment to.
  5. Using the launched window, you simply login as per normal and make a once off payment to the account details provided for the indicated amount.
  6. Once you have done so, log out of internet banking and return to the window with the PayFast payment page where you click the “Complete" button.
  7. The system will then verify your payment has been received and complete the payment.

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