What is the difference between PayFast and PayPal?
Posted by Greg S on 20 Sep 2012 16:30
PayFast is a South African based payments collection service whereas PayPal is a US based money transfer/payments system.

The services we offer are similar if you are looking to receive payments online.

The few brief comparisons between our services are that:
  •     PayFast processes payments in ZAR (South African Rands) whereas PayPal for South Africans is denominated in USD (US Dollars),
  •     there is a one way flow of funds through PayFast from buyer (sender) to seller (receiver),
  •     you can bank with any South African bank and use PayFast.
Please contact us if you would like further information in this regard.

We'd love to tell you more about PayFast and why we are a great choice for a South African or South African business wanting to receive payments online.

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