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SCAM emails from "Harry Perry"
Posted by Jonathan S on 04 Jul 2013 15:29

There have been a number of scam emails sent in the last month from a person calling themselves "Harry Perry".

Their typical modus operandi is that this person will:

  • contact you about goods you are selling (Gumtree, online etc.),
  • ask you to register with PayFast and send them a "Money Request" for payment,
  • thereafter you receive what looks like a confirmation of payment from PayFast, and
  • you would be expected to ship the goods to them.

The "confirmation of payment" email you receive is a fake/SCAM email and has been manipulated to look as if it's from PayFast, but it is in fact, not.

Please be very wary of any payment confirmation emails you receive. Legitimate emails from PayFast will come from an "" address (normally " whereas these emails are typically sent from the email address "" but may also come from "" or other email addresses.

The subjects of these emails may include the following:

  • "Notification of an instant PayFast Payment Confirmation"
  • "You've got a payment !"
  • "*** Authorization Letter From Pay Fast ***"

Always check carefully to see the exact email address an email comes from in order to determine it's legitimacy.

Ultimately you should not trust payment confirmation emails and if you want to be certain that you have received funds through PayFast, rather login to your PayFast account and check your payment history.

We have taken what action we can to prevent further abuse by this person, but such SCAM attempts are common and can come from a variety of sources. Always be cautious of emails you receive advising you that you have received money and double check their legitimacy before taking any action.