What is Masterpass?

What is Masterpass?

Masterpass is a simple, convenient, trusted digital wallet from Mastercard for faster, safer shopping at online merchants.

A digital wallet makes online shopping safer and easy by storing payment information in one secure place.

How much does Masterpass cost?

There are no fees for consumers to use Masterpass. As the merchant, you will pay a small transaction fee as with all our other payment methods.

Does the shopper need any special software?

Shoppers will need to download the free Masterpass app on Android or iOS devices or they can pay using the Zapper app.

What payment methods are supported by Masterpass?

Masterpass is an open platform. Along with Mastercard-branded cards, the service allows consumers to pay with Visa, Mastercard, Maestro debit and cheque cards. At this stage, American Express and Diners Club are excluded.

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