Can I receive recurring payments?

Can I receive recurring payments?

Yes, PayFast does support recurring billing. 

PayFast recurring billing allows merchants to create two methods of recurring payments; one is a subscription model, the other is an ad hoc model.

The subscription model supports membership or retainer style business models that provide stable and predictable income.

The ad hoc payment solution enables applications such as app payments (similar to Uber where you load your card and pay when you need to), single page checkout, or automatic account top ups.

For more information on recurring billing please click here.

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    • Why is my account “not able to receive payments”?

      This could be due to your account not being verified, or the required payment method is not active on your account. Should you wish to set up recurring billing, ensure that the relevant recurring billing settings are enabled on your PayFast ...
    • Can I set up a tokenization payment agreement without charging the customer?

      Yes, the initial amount on an ad hoc agreement can be set to zero. This will create the token that will then be used for charging future payments. Because some banks don't support zero amount authorisations, the buyer may be charged a nominal amount ...
    • Why is recurring billing giving an error?

      Please ensure that your PayFast merchant account has been verified and that recurring billing has been enabled on your PayFast Dashboard. You will also need to set a passphrase. For instructions on how to enable recurring billing, read this knowledge ...
    • Why did I not receive an email for a cancelled subscription notification? (Merchant)

      The notification of the cancelled subscription will go to the email address that was used to register the merchant’s PayFast account. It will not be sent to the email confirmation address that is set on the merchant account via the PayFast Dashboard, ...
    • How does PayFast handle international payments?

      You can receive international payments via Visa and Mastercard credit cards. A buyer can use a card that has been issued in any country. The amount will be in ZAR and the credit card provider will conduct the exchange, paying out ZAR to your PayFast ...