Do the recurring charges require full 3D Secure authentication?

Do the recurring charges require full 3D Secure authentication?

No. Upon the initial payment, 3D secure is completed by the card holder. All subsequent payments are reliant on the first payments authentication where the card holder is present.
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    • How do I enable recurring payments on my website?

      There are a number of ways that you can accept recurring payments on your website, which are outlined below. Subscriptions New Dashboard To enable subscription payments on your PayFast Dashboard, do the following: Log in to your PayFast account. ...
    • Is 3D Secure required for recurring billing?

      Yes, full authentication is always required with card payments.
    • What communication is sent to the buyer around their recurring payments?

      A buyer receives an auto-mailer 1 month, 2 Weeks and 2 days in advance notifying them of the expiry and that they would need to update the card associated to the recurring charge. A buyer also receives a reminder auto mailer of the charge that is set ...
    • How can I test recurring functionality?

      You will be able to test recurring payments with the Sandbox facility. For more information on how you can test using the Sandbox please refer to our developer's documentation here.
    • How do I enable Split Payments?

      To enable Split Payments, action is required by both the primary account and the secondary split account. The first step is for the primary account holder to enable Split Payments via their PayFast Dashboard. New PayFast Dashboard  To enable Split ...