Documents to verify an individual's physical address

Documents to verify an individual's physical address

Any document that is used to validate an individual's physical address, must reflect the name of the individual (at least the initials and surname in the case of an individual or the trading name in the case of a non-individual),  and the physical address of the client (legal property descriptions are also acceptable - e.g. erf 1 Johannesburg).

Acceptable documents: 

A single document is sufficient, below is a list of what can be used: 
  • A retailer account e.g. clothing accounts, student fee accounts, co-op statements (for farmers), etc.
  • Any government issued document: e.g. court order, subpoena, traffic fine, etc. or documentation relating to UIF and/or pension payouts, etc.
  • Bank statement issued by your bank.
  • Correspondence from a Body Corporate / Share Block Association
  • Documentation from an insurance or assurance company, e.g. life assurance, short term insurance, health insurance / medical aid, funeral policies, etc.
  • Investment statement from an Investment Provider, e.g. shares, portfolio or unit trust statement.
  • Mortgage statement from a mortgage lender.
  • Motor vehicle license documentation.
  • Rental / lease agreement.
  • SARS document which includes: a document produced by SARS or a document to be used for tax purposes, e.g. IT12S, IRP5, IT3b, etc
  • Telephone account, e.g. Telkom, Vodacom, etc
  • Television license documentation.
  • Utilities account, e.g. rates, taxes water, electricity, etc.
  • A letter from a municipal representative (e.g. ward councilor), on the municipality's letterhead, confirming that an individual is permitted to reside on land managed/serviced by that municipality, bearing the stamp of the relevant municipal authority.

Unacceptable documents:

  • Once-off invoices, i.e. Doctors accounts or invoices from plumbers.
  • Proof of address sent to a PO Box address.

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