Documents to verify identity

Documents to verify identity

South African citizens

The official identity document in respect of South African citizens and residents is a green bar-coded identity document or ID card. If a customer is unable to produce a green bar-coded identity document or ID card, for a reason that is acceptable by PayFast, then any one of the following alternate identifying documents will be acceptable:
  1. A valid Passport
  2. A valid drivers license
  3. A valid temporary identity document
A valid version of these documents means that they must be current and unexpired. 

Foreign nationals 

Foreign nationals are required to produce a valid, unexpired passport as proof of their identity and will have to provide a valid work permit for South Africa.

Asylum seekers or refugees are to produce a valid, unexpired passport. IIf you are unable to do so, then a valid, unexpired section 22 or a section 24 permit, as well as a valid, unexpired maroon refugee identity document, will be accepted as the necessary verification of your identity.

The identity of Foreign Nationals in the employment of Embassies and Consulates can be verified by an Official Letter from the relevant Embassy/Consulate confirming the identity of the foreign national, passport number, designation AND attach to it a certified copy of the passport of the Foreign National.

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