How do I amend pricing for subscriptions?

How do I amend pricing for subscriptions?

To amend pricing for subscriptions on the new PayFast Dashboard, do the following:

  1. Log in to your PayFast account.

  1. Navigate to Transactions > Customer Subscriptions. This will open your client subscriber list.

3. On the Status dropdown, select your option (in this instance – Active).

  1. Once selected, Click Search.

  1. Select Edit Subscription from the dropdown menu.

  1. On the following page, you will get the option to change the following:

  • Amount – this would be the new amount
  • How many cycles you want the subscription to run for (cycles = pay cycles)
  • Payment date – When you want the next payment to be paid
  • Frequency – how often you want the payments to be made
    1. 3 – Monthly
    2. 4 – Quarterly
    3. 5 – Biannually (twice a year)
    4. 6 – Annually 
  1. Select the checkbox that you acknowledge that any chnages may trigger emails to the subscriber. 
  2. Click Save