How do I know if a refund has already been processed?

How do I know if a refund has already been processed?

If a refund has been processed successfully, the following icons will display in the right-hand column of the purchase transaction on the History page:

Blue Icon - reflects that a partial refund has been performed.

Green Icon - reflects that a full refund has been performed.

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    • How do I refund a payment?

      The PayFast Merchant Refund feature allows you to refund your customers payment directly via your PayFast Dashboard. New PayFast Dashboard To refund your customer's credit card payment, do the following: 1. Log in to your PayFast account. ​ 2. ...
    • What happens if I get an error when processing a refund?

      If you get an error when processing a refund it means that you won’t be able to action the refund to the buyer’s card.  There are a few reasons why a card refund can fail, common error messages include: Lost/stolen card Card expired/cancelled Pick up ...
    • Can I refund the same transaction multiple times?

      Only multiple partial amounts can be refunded on the same transaction, up to the limit of the original amount. For instructions on how to make a refund, please read this article. 
    • How can I obtain a proof of refund?

      To obtain a proof of refund do the following: Log in to your PayFast account.  Navigate to Transactions > History.  Locate the purchase transaction that was already refunded, for which you require the proof of refund for. Select the printer icon in ...
    • How do I reconcile payments?

      The way to look at this is to consider the PayFast account as a second business bank account and payouts are just a transfer of funds from one account (the PayFast one) to another account (your bank one). This means that all you need to recon is to ...