How do I set up Multi-Currency Pricing?

How do I set up Multi-Currency Pricing?

By enabling Multi-Currency Pricing, you can allow your buyers to easily pay in the currency of their choice. Depending on the currencies you enable, the currency on the payment page will be automatically updated according to your buyer's location.  (web page marketing copy)

1. Log in to your PayFast account. 

2. Navigate to Settings > Multi-currency 

3. Under Multi-currency Activation, toggle the option to enabled. 

4. Next, under Activate Currencies tick the currencies you would like your buyers to be able to pay in.  
- You can offer as many currencies as you like. Tick Select All if you wish to offer all available currencies. 
Please note: If you have a currency convertor plugin configured on your website, there may be a discrepancy in the prices shown on your website versus the payment total due to varying exchange rates. As such we would not recommend using a currency convertor plugin if you wish to enable Multi-Currency Pricing. 

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