How do I test WooCommerce in sandbox mode?

How do I test WooCommerce in sandbox mode?

To allow for testing recurring payments, as well as order updates, do the following:

  1. On WordPress, navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > PayFast.
  2. Enter the following sandbox credentials on the Configuration page:
  • Merchant ID: 10004002
  • Merchant Key: q1cd2rdny4a53
  • Passphase: payfast
3. Tick the Sandbox checkbox to put the gateway in test mode and click Save.
4. When you are finished testing, be sure to add your live PayFast Merchant ID, Merchant Key and passphrase.

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    • How do I make test payments in sandbox mode?

      While setting up your ecommerce store, it's good practice to run some test payments to make sure everything works as expected. We recommend using our sandbox environment to test the payment engine without the need for live money being transferred. ...
    • Can I test Shopify recurring billing in sandbox mode?

      Unfortunately, you will not be able to test recurring billing in sandbox mode. Only once-off payments can be tested in sandbox mode.
    • How do I integrate PayFast with WooCommerce?

      New PayFast Dashboard ​ Old PayFast Dashboard Installation Requirements You will need to be registered on PayFast to accept payments and get your Merchant ID, Merchant Key and Passphrase. On your PayFast Dashboard, on the Integration page, ensure the ...
    • What is the difference between the sandbox and the live PayFast system?

      The sandbox uses a virtual wallet in place of all the payment methods and will not send any email confirmation. Apart from that, you will be able to test your custom integration, including recurring billing payments, ITNs, order updates on your site, ...
    • Can I send my custom variables to sandbox and get a response?

      Yes, you can send custom variables that will be returned on the notify_url, after a successful transaction from the sandbox. However, if you are testing locally, you will not receive the ITN as it will be unable to reach your local server.