How does the Payfast legal entity change affect me?

How does the Payfast legal entity change affect me?

As part of our strategy to bring our brands closer together and leverage our combined technologies, certain changes to the legal entity of Payfast are being implemented. These changes only apply to the entity details in the end-user agreement with Payfast Proprietary Limited. 

On 1 April 2023, Payfast will transfer its business to its holding company, PayGate Proprietary Limited (registration number 1999/017441/07) (to be renamed “Payfast Proprietary Limited”) (“PayGate”). 
How this change affects you (the merchant): 
  • As this change is purely a transfer in legal entity, you can rest assured that your experience of using Payfast will not be affected 
  • This change will also have no effect on your buyers’ experience of using Payfast 
  • Payouts and references on bank statements will remain unchanged 
  • Any existing pre-agreed terms and rates will not be affected 
  • The Payfast brand will remain unchanged 
  • The only area where you may note a change is the new VAT number on invoices 
What is required from you: 
  1. Simply sign in to your Payfast account and confirm the updated end-user agreement reflecting the new legal entity by 31 March 2023, and continue business as usual 

Should you have any further queries or wish to discuss any aspect, please do not hesitate to email us on    

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