Is there a credit card limit? How do I increase it?

Is there a credit card limit? How do I increase it?

Yes, there is a per transaction limit on your PayFast account of R25,000 for credit card payments.

You can view what your credit card limit is on your PayFast Dashboard by doing the following:

  1. Log in to your PayFast account.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Payment methods.
  3. Scroll down to Payment Methods. 
  4. In the Credit Card box you can see the maximum amount.  

This limit can, however, be increased after consultation with us. To increase this limit, please send an email to with the following information:

  1. Nature of your business (types of products and/or services sold)
  2. The credit card per transaction limit required
  3. The countries you expect to receive payment from (South Africa only, or local and international? If international, which countries?)

After receiving this information, we will assess your request and aim to get back to you within 48 hours. However, in some cases, it may take longer depending on the number of high-risk requests needing to go through management for risk approval. 

To increase the credit card per transaction limit, we may implement a "retained balance" on your account. This retained balance is a portion of funds that you will not be able to withdraw from your account until 90 days after you close the account. These funds are retained to cover any potential fraud which may be committed on your account.

You can think of this retained balance as a security deposit, the size of which is determined by the risk associated with your request. The higher the level of risk, the higher the retained balance.

Please note: You will not be required to pay this amount into your account; it will be retained from payments received, and only the balance of funds greater than this retained balance will be able to be paid out from your account.

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