Password safety

Password safety

The password you have nominated for your account is not secure and has been found on public data breach registries. This breach has not occurred from PayFast

To check if your password has been compromised, use the website:

Protect your password and data against theft with these handy tips:

  • Don’t share your password with anyone
  • Use a unique password for every account you create
  • Include letters, capitals, numbers & symbols
  • Make passwords at least 8 characters
  • Use a password manager app for each of your sites
  • Log in using Google or Facebook
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    • How do I change my password?

      To change your PayFast account password, do the following: Log in to your PayFast account. Navigate to Account > Security.  Next to Password, enter your current password and click Reset Password. Enter your new password in the New Password and ...
    • How do I restrict my login to a hostname/IP address or country?

      For added security, it is possible to restrict access to your account by hostname/IP address and country. New PayFast Dashboard  To add these extra security measures, do the following: Log in to your PayFast account. Navigate to Account > Security.  ...
    • Is PayFast PCI Compliant?

      Yes, PayFast is PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider, which is the highest level possible. What is PCI Compliance? PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and is a PASA (Payment Association of South Africa) regulation in South ...
    • What is two-factor authentication?

      Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds extra security to your PayFast profile by requiring two things for a successful login: your password and a unique code (generated on your phone or sent to it via SMS). Even if your password is compromised, people ...
    • How do I enable two-factor authentication (2FA)?

      Two-factor authentication is an optional (yet recommended) login security feature that requires both your password and your mobile phone to successfully log in to your PayFast account. ​ To enable two factor authentication for your PayFast account, ...