What do I need to accept payments as a dropshipper?

What do I need to accept payments as a dropshipper?

As a dropshipper, you can register an Individual or Business account on PayFast and get paid. Your account will first need to be verified for you to start accepting payments. 
To verify your PayFast account, you’ll need to provide us with the vetting requirements indicated below: 
  1. 1. Documents to verify account details: 

  1. 2. Additional documents:  
  • Provide a signed contract between you and your dropshipping supplier.


  • Provide 3 invoices and 3 POD’s (Proof of Delivery) for goods you have previously delivered (preferably dated 3 months or less) if you are currently trading.   
  1. 3. Website requirements:  
  • Drop shipping delivery time frames must be clearly outlined on your website, as different drop shipping suppliers have different fulfilment speeds. 


  • Refund and exchange policy must be clearly visible on the website. 
Please provide the additional documents and the URL of your live website in an email to merchant@payfast.help   

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