What is an RCS store card?

What is an RCS store card?

RCS Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of global bank BNP Paribas, is a consumer finance and registered financial services provider that offers financial services to suit consumers’ lifestyle needs – including cards, loans and insurance. The RCS Store Card is one of many store cards offered by RCS and is accepted at 600 brands across 26,000 stores in South Africa You can find out more about RCS store cards here

To find out which of the many RCS store cards are accepted on PayFast, check out this article.

If you are a merchant wanting to offer store cards as a payment method on your online store, check out this web page. 

If you are an online shopper wanting to find out how to make an online payment with a store card, check out this article

If you want to apply for the RCS Store Card, you can do so at selected retailers nationwide or online here

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    • Which store cards can be used on PayFast?

      The following store cards can be used to pay with PayFast: RCS Store Card Game Mystore Card Makro Credit Builders Store Credit Cape Union Mart Group Card Keedo Store Card Old Khaki Store Card Poetry Store Card Tread+Miller Store Card VIP Store Card ...
    • How do I refund a store card payment?

      To refund your customer’s store card payment, refer to this article and follow the process for refunding a card payment. The refund will be processed directly back to your customer’s store card. Please note:  Each refund will have a processing fee of ...
    • Which industries can’t accept store cards underlined by RCS?

      If your business is associated with any of the following goods and/or services you won’t be able to accept store card payments: Tobacco manufacturing and sales Pornographic or other adult content Shell banks Unregulated crypto-assets trading ...
    • How do I enable/disable store cards as a payment method?

      ​Store cards are auto-enabled as a payment method for all PayFast account holders, except for a few restricted industries. If you wish to disable store cards as a payment method, do the following: Log in to your PayFast account. Navigate to Settings ...
    • What are the store card fees?

      ​Please visit our fees page for more information.