Where do I find my proof of payment?

Where do I find my proof of payment?

The explanation below relates to our manual Instant EFT payment method. We’ve recently launched a refreshed version of Instant EFT with an automated payment option. Read more about it here.

Sometimes you may need to supply us with proof of payment for an internet banking payment, this could be for a number of reasons such as if the incorrect reference was used when doing the internet transfer.

If you're not sure how to do this, take a look at the instructions below for your bank:


1.  Log into internet banking

2.  Using the main menu, navigate to:

  •         Payments → View beneficiaries → Main if you added PayFast as a beneficiary, or
  •         Payments → View once-off if you made a once off payment to PayFast

3.  Select “PayFast” from the drop down menu and click View
4.  Select the payment you want proof of payment for by clicking the check box next to it and click Resend
5.  On the next page, enter details as follows:

  •         Resend Notice of this Payment(s) to beneficiary? = <CHECKED>
  •         Send it to = Email
  •         E-mail Address = “proofofpayment@payfast.co.za
  •         Recipient name = “PayFast - <YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS>” (e.g. PayFast - me@mydomain.co.za)

6.  Click Next
7.  Ensure the details displayed are correct and click Resend 


  1.     Log into internet banking.
  2.     Click on the Payments tab at the top of your screen.
  3.     On the left of the screen click on Payments History.
  4.     Again on the left of the screen, you can click on Send proof of payment.
  5.     Locate the necessary payment and Click on the Recipient Name.
  6.     Select email as method and use support@payfast.co.za as the email address.


  1.     Log into internet banking.
  2.     Click on the Payments Tab at the top of your screen.
  3.     On the left of the screen click on Payments History.
  4.     This will open your payment history, locate the necessary payment and click on the Recipient Name to open the proof of payment.
  5.     Once open, you can click on the download button at the bottom of the screen to save the proof of payment to a location on your PC.


  1.     Log into internet banking
  2.     Using the main menu, navigate to Payments → Beneficiary Payment History
  3.     Select appropriate values from Beneficiary list and Beneficiary to display payments to PayFast
  4.     Recent payments to PayFast will be displayed which you can either:
  •         print and fax (or email) to us, or
  •         can have emailed to us directly from within internet banking

Standard Bank

  1.     Log into internet banking
  2.     Click on the Payments and transfers tab
  3.     Click on the Transaction history tab
  4.     Select you search method to find your payment and click view
  5.     Find the required payment and either:
  •         Click the link under the Beneficiary name & reference column
  •         A new window will open showing your proof of payment
  •         Send this to us by:

            - printing it and faxing it (086 654 1549),
            - printing it to PDF and emailing it to “proofofpayment@payfast.co.za


  •         Click View button under the Payment Confirmation column
  •         On the next page, enter details as follows:

            - Send payment confirmation = <CHECKED>
            - Payment confirmation method = “E-mail”
            - Recipient Name = “PayFast - <YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS>” (e.g. PayFast - me@mydomain.co.za)
            - Recipient Address = proofofpayment@payfast.co.za

  •         Click “Send payment confirmation” to send payment confirmation to us via email
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