How do I integrate PayFast with WooCommerce?

How do I integrate PayFast with WooCommerce?

Installation Requirements
  1. You will need to be registered on PayFast to accept payments and get your Merchant ID, Merchant Key and Passphrase.
  2. On your PayFast Dashboard, on the Integration page, ensure the following:
  3. You can find the full installation instructions on the WooCommerce PayFast Plugin page.

Sandbox testing

For testing your integration without the use of live currency, please follow our instructions for testing in sandbox mode.

Subscriptions Requirements

  1. Recurring billing is available through the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension. 
  2. 'Recurring Billing' must be enabled on your Integration page on your PayFast Dashboard.
  3. When editing recurring billing, select the 'Ad hoc Payments' checkbox and click Update.
  4. To view your WooCommerce subscriptions on PayFast, you will find them under Transactions > Ad hoc agreements drop-down on your PayFast Dashboard.

Please note: PayFast does not manage the subscriptions through WooCommerce. The subscriptions are created in WooCommerce, which then uses the tokenized billing service with PayFast to allow for recurring billing (also known as ad hoc agreements).

Integration Support

This module was developed by WooCommerce, so please visit their website for integration support regarding code errors and development.

To manage payment notification issues, please ensure that logging is enabled on the plugin settings on WooCommerce. Select the Enable Logging checkbox and click Save. This will allow us to review your debug log files saved on your server.

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